Wednesday, June 13, 2012

day 1: starch overload

Just finished up dinner. One cup cooked brown rice. One cup of crock-pot cooked pinto beans. Half-cup pasta, two tablespoons pasta sauce, two corn tortillas. There's no lack of quantity, I mean, real down to the ounce quantity of food--there's plenty you can buy substantively with $30. The challenge is the lack of variety. The beans, the rice, the tortillas, etc. are all quality foods. But this is common in the developing world--lack of variety. It was delicious tonight, but after day 20? In India, it's rice and lentils. Hungry? Oh, here have some more... rice and lentils. Breakfast? Rice and lentils. Lunch? etc.

Barefoot update: my feet are really sore already, like in a muscular sense. We take the support of soles for granted. 

So I told you I wanted to introduce you to some of my "friends" from the slums. I love Blum. She's the little girl seen on the streets of Manila (Philippines) here. When I saw her, this is when I decided I needed to do another 30 day challenge. She changed my life, again. The little graffiti sign was really there--I didn't edit the photo to add that. So that's the name I gave her.

I already shared my story elsewhere, but I'll repost here, including what I imagined her mother might have told her before she fell asleep on the streets of the red light district.

goodnight sweetheart, everything's gonna to be ok : rest your eyes for now, mamma's gonna try her best tomorrow : daddy's gone but we'll make it, you just wait and see -/ let's call her blum : her mom was busy preparing a small meal of what looked like leftovers someone had given her : i gave her all the cash i had on me, which was equal to about $25 : she was extremely grateful : that's probably about what she makes as a beggar all month

I also really wanted you to meet these precious kids I met near our slum outreach center in Hyderabad, India. As you can see, they're barefoot just like me. So that brings me to one of the focal points of this 30 days. It's my goal to raise enough funds to get 10 of these kids enrolled in our education center for the year. School is starting back up this time of the year in India, and it would be great timing. Click here to learn more about the center and find options to donate. All donations we receive through these links will go toward the total I'm keeping track of on the right column of this blog. Currently at $0 but I know that will change. No gift is too small!

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