Thursday, June 14, 2012

day 2: salvaged egg

This morning I dropped one of my 48 eggs. I quickly picked it up and ran it to the skillet to salvage what I could of it. If it were any other month, I would have thrown it away. It was a thought provoking moment. Our team in the Philippines runs a hen house to help generate additional income to fund their outreach. They sell all of the good eggs and use the cracked and broken eggs for their own cooking. I immediately thought of them.

Today it kind of set in that, yes, here I am, barefoot and all, doing this thing. And honestly, today just wasn't a day I wanted to hassle with all the cooking. But I made it. 28 days to go.

My fiber intake is off the charts. So let's just say, I'm feeling pretty clean.

You'll see in the photos one of my favorite creations invented on my first 30 day challenge, my homemade corn tortilla chips. I enjoyed them with each meal today. Just sprinkle a little season-all on top and throw them in the toaster oven, and you've got a very tasty little treat on your hands.

For lunch I had a slight variation of yesterday's stew, this time with some beans and brown rice added in for variety. It made so much that I had leftovers for a snack in the afternoon. I was glad for that, because I was quite hungry by 4pm.

Here's breakfast, oatmeal with raisins, 1 fried egg, homemade corn tortilla chips:

Here's lunch preparations, for the stew. I included a tablespoon of tomato sauce for added flavor:

And here's lunch, again the chips, and some raw carrots for variety:

And for dinner, more homemade corn chips, plus simple re-fried beans, pasta with sauce:

One of the things I learned on my 2 previous challenges is you've really got to be creative in trying as much as possible to mix things up. You're dealing with such a lack of variety in a small ingredient list, so you've got to almost trick your senses into thinking you're getting something different each meal, even though it's much of the same stuff over and over again. I've also seen this in the developing world through my travels. People learn to make the most amazing varieties of recipes from the same few ingredients.

I'm quite exhausted today. Had a headache from what I would imagine is some kind of food withdrawal. But altogether hanging in there and doing fine. 

Barefoot update: some more hot pavement moments, but overall getting used to it. It really does make you stop and think, though. Wow, all the places you walk that you never consider how nice it is to have soles under foot. 

I'll close by sharing a favorite image of mine from my recent visit to the Manila slums. Good night!

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