Wednesday, June 13, 2012

hot feet

And... we're off... excited to report I have two friends unexpectedly joining me. Thanks Alison and Nicole! If anyone else is interested in joining, just leave a comment on this blog and I'd be glad to offer you some advice.

Finished up shopping today. Here's my shopping list where you can see how I arrived at the $30 total.

My first day being barefoot was a liberating but a bit of a shocker. The black pavement outside of the Fiesta shopping mart in Houston summer heat was... well, really stinkin' hot. My feet were tingling for several minutes on the way home. The soles of my feet are already black. Images of my friends in the slums definitely came to mind as I thought about them dealing with this on a daily basis.

So I'll go ahead and throw on some of my first images. You'll see breakfast (a small serving of oatmeal, raisins, a dash of season-all), my final shopping run and lunch (ramen, cabbage, potato, carrot egg-drop stew).

Further disclaimers: on my previous challenges I grew concerned about my health around day 23 or so. There were days where I could literally not think clearly and had trouble articulating certain words. I don't believe the point of the challenge is to inflict harm upon oneself. So this time around, I am taking vitamin supplements but not factoring that into the $30 budget. It's just a little precautionary freebie I'm throwing myself this time around. Secondly, I'm not giving up coffee this time. Just not up for the added withdrawal. Fair enough?

Later I'll do a separate post about dinner and cover a little bit more of my inspiration for doing this specific challenge. I'll introduce you to a special girl named Blum, and some of my other friends from the slums. Thanks for following along!

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