Saturday, June 16, 2012

day 4: trial and error

Well here we are on day 4. It's been a long day but can't complain. My feet have definitely been getting their baptism by fire. But it's a healthy awakening. That's all I'll say about the barefoot thing for today.

The most exciting thing to report is that we're up to $600 of my $5,000 goal on the scholarships for the children of the Indian slums project. That's huge! Thanks to everyone who's supported this with both large and small gifts. It all makes a big difference.

Breakfast was quite the standard fare with the basic oatmeal and raisins, but I bought a dash of flax seeds from my existing stock to spruce it up a touch. It's amazing what a little different texture will do for you. I made a sort of "dirty omelet" with a 1/4 cup of pinto beans, seasoning and one egg, and ate that with a corn tortilla for a relatively hearty breakfast taco.

Lunch was quite a surprise. Thanks to my friend Michelle, I had the basics for a ramen coleslaw recipe, which I improvised. I toasted a 1/3 of a brick of chopped ramen noodles which I had seasoned and basted with a touch of olive oil and soy sauce, then mixed with chopped cabbage, carrot, raisins, and 1/4 cup pinto beans. Added a dash of vinegar and tossed everything together, and it was really out of this world.

And the not so good... my attempt at some kind of improvised casserole. By 5pm I was feeling low blood-sugar-ish and just had to throw something together. Ingredients: chopped & boiled potatoes and carrots, pasta, pinto beans, 1.5 cups cooked brown rice, 2 tablespoons pasta sauce, and plenty of seasonings... with one corn tortilla to make my homemade chips... filling, but not so great. Just too much starch, I think. Trial and error!

I'm dedicating today's blog post to these women of Uganda who certainly have stronger feet than me. They make the most amazing crafts in our women's craft training program, and know a thing or two more than me about how to make basic ingredients stretch!

Take Action: 

1) Please visit my unofficial sponsor, through this link. 7% of your purchases made through the link are given to Peace Gospel. If you're in the UK, use this link.

2) Please consider giving toward my goal of 10 scholarships for children of the Indian slums. So far we've raised $600 of our $5,000 goal (10 scholarships).

3) Leave me feedback. Please comment on this post, especially if you have any ideas about what I should try to cook with these ingredients I have available. I'd love to hear from you! It really helps!


  1. Just thinking of a recipe - chop up cabbage and make a seasoned cabbage omelette
    Stir fry noodles on the side with beans et voila something slightly different. Or I don't know if you can swap things but instead of noodles, couscous would work well with raisins...

    1. Annetta! Yes, a seasoned cabbage omelette! Genius! Must try! Noodles and beans, interesting! Will throw it in to the mix, pun kind of intended! ;-) No I can't swap, just stuck with what my $30 buys other than my spice/oils allowance ($1.61)... but thanks, these are excellent recommendations!